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Sisters Grimm conceived and produced the critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated, sell out theatrical shows INALA with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and Voices of the Amazon.


Each Sisters Grimm production provides a unique modern interpretation of a culture.  It brings to life that culture's traditional music, dance and storytelling, blending in important ethnic and environmental issues as well as humour.   This makes the shows relevant and accessible to a mainstream and diverse audience.

Sisters Grimm productions are unique in that they fuse entertainment genres, different styles of music and song, dance and cultures, that are otherwise seen only on their own.  This creates a much broader audience appeal, as demonstrated by the audiences for Inala - which saw 30-45% of seats being filled by people who had never before been to the theatre, and Voices of the Amazon - which filled houses in London, Moscow and Singapore.

Sisters Grimm productions are visually stunning, using world class set designers, choreographers and lighting designers.  Music for the productions is composed by Grammy-nominated composer Ella Spira.  Sisters Grimm productions are typically staged in premium global venues.

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