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Former Royal Ballet dancer, Pietra De Mello Pittman MBE is Co Founder and Director of London based, Globe trotting production company Sisters Grimm, which she established in 2009, with Grammy nominated composer and painter Ella Spira MBE, while still at the Royal Ballet. in 2021 they were both honoured with MBE’s awarded at Windsor Castle for services to the Creative Industry and International Trade.


Pietra and Ella have dedicated their lives to cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, global collaborations spotlighting and celebrating different cultures through the arts. Their productions have been viewed and celebrated by millions all over the world; their mission is to tell stories focusing on diversity and inclusion, mental and physical well-being and ecological awareness, with the aim to affect individuals into cultural and social change.

“The tale of the Sisters Grimm is one that leads from an ambitious composer and a ballerina to huge, stage productions, the Grammys and, they hope, the home of fantastical storytelling: Disney.”   Evening Standard quote

Sisters Grimm: Producing solely original works they have conceived, produced & toured 7 (2 award-winning INALA and Voices of The Amazon ) culturally themed productions, weaving together stories, cultures, music & dance to a global audience of 200million+. All their work includes parallel youth engagement programmes & over 7,000 children have experienced free shows, participated in workshops & received career advice since they started and a partnership with The Prince's Trust was formed in 2019. They have toured internationally to both mainstream success & critical acclaim, as well as achieving a Grammy nomination in the US & the Brazilian International Press Award for Best Show. Alongside their MBE’s Pietra & Ella were nominated for the Women of the Future Awards for Arts & Culture & were invited by World Fellow Nizam Uddin to give a talk at Yale University on “The Power of Creative Theatre to Humanise: in Conversation with Sisters Grimm”. Sisters Grimm are Export Champions for the UK Government representing the best of British Creativity to the rest of the world.

During the pandemic they conceived and successfully launched two new "covid friendly" IP's: 'Global Landscapes' and 'Art In Nature Global'

Pietra Mello-Pittman 
Pietra and Ella Spira - Sisters Grimm
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